2018/08/27 23:57:57

Step 1

Select the plan for you, hit subscribe and check out. We’ll send you a confirmation of your subscription.

Step 2

We’ll send out your first parcel next day for you to enjoy.

Step 3

You will then be billed on the same date every month (if you don’t cancel) and your next parcel will be sent the day of or latest the day after the payment has cleared

For example: If you order on the 15th, you will be billed and we will send out your first parcel on the 16th, and then billed on the 15th of the following month and we will send out your second parcel.

black How It Works


Early Bird 

100ml of E-Liquid (2 x 50ml)

2 Nicotine Shots

2 Different Flavours

Nabil-Logo_New1-Final-02 How It Works


Sweet Vapes

250ml of E-Liquid (5 x 50ml)

5 Nicotine Shots

5 Different Sweet Vapes Flavours

gold-3 How It Works


Lounging Lark

200ml of E-Liquid (4 x 50ml)

4 Nicotine Shots

4 Different Flavours

black-gold How It Works


Night Owl

300ml of E-Liquid (6 x 50ml)

6 Nicotine Shots

6 Different Flavours